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‘Mabrika, Mabrika’ The Welcome of a native Carib. Welcome to a beautiful unspoilt haven the Caribs once called Home. Enjoy a relaxing vacation in our well appointed 29 room beach resort, on a pristine, powder white sand beach.

Kalinago Beach Resort Grenada


Morne Rouge Bay
St. George's, Saint George

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  • Aosja Swim-up Pool Bar & Sea-Breeze Beach Bar. Features extra Late Night opening until 3am on Wed, Fri & Saturdays. There is a Giant screens for you to enjoy major sporting activities.
  • Beach & water sports. Beach including snorkelling. Beach sports include Frisbee, Beach Cricket, Volleyball.
  • Business Centre/ Internet Room: For your convenience, there is a Business centre equipped with the latest state-of the-art personal computers for quick internet browsing & whatever else you will need in your office on vacation. It is fully air-conditioned and well- lit. Faxing and copying services are also available from our friendly Reception staff. Use of the Business Centre/ Internet room is complimentary for all guests.
  • Conference Centre: For all your meeting and conference needs, Kalinago Beach Resort is the place where all of your business deals will be clinched. Ideal for your business talks, our modern conference centre will leave you with nothing to want. For more information, please see our Meetings & Conferences page.
  • Library Collection & Games Centre: Why not browse our extensive Library collection, find that one, yes that one book, the feel good one, sit under a tree on the beach, or near the pool or even on your own private balcony and get lost in that one good book! If you feel like reading, there is also a wide range of activities available at Grenada’s Kalinago Beach Resort.
  • Internet Access
  • Enjoy the convenience of Wireless High Speed Internet Access throughout the entire property. Imagine the possibilities, be connected from your room, by the pool or even while relaxing under a tree on the beach.
  • Rise n Shine Morning Exercise Stretch: For the health conscious and for those who feel guilty about the over indulgences we offer at Kalinago, we offer a Rise & Shine Beach exercise session. Before breakfast, come down on the beach for a bit of stretching, jogging and preparation for the rest of the day.


Nestled comfortably on approximately 132000 sq feet of white sand beach, with breathtaking panoramic sea-views, you will truly understand the native Kalinago (Carib) way of living in harmony with nature. Out of your room and onto the beach, what more can you ask for, when the Caribbean comes to mind.

Relax as the Caribbean sunshine caresses your skin while the gentle sea-breeze tingles your every sense…this is the experience of a Kalinago Beach Resort Holiday.

Our wonderful turquoise colored swim up bar faces the Caribbean Sea. The deck is clad in non-skid tiles, for your safety, where you have the choice of sunbathing, either there or on the lawn. All chaise loungers are made of teak with a comfortable soft down cushion with wooden tray for that chilled tropical cocktail.

The swim up bar is designed with a smaller pool where you can simple soak and enjoy the beautiful waterfront.

Come and discover peace, luxury, sea, sand and breathtaking sunsets.

Our resort takes its name from the indigenous people of the Caribbean; the Caribs as we called them in English KALINAGO as they called themselves in their native tongue.
Our boutique 29 room resort is family-run with the owner’s great grandmother being a Carib herself.

The resort’s family is willing and ready to indulge your every whimsical desire and with that in mind, our boutique resort has been designed to invoke that tranquil romantic experience you so rightfully deserve, with individualized service and luxurious accommodations.

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